Top Items to Include in Your Car Emergency Kit

The recent incident where a school bus and a ute crashed near Beaudesert has rattled a lot of bystanders who witnessed the scene, especially the mother driving the ute and her two kids as well as the twenty-three children onboard the bus. If you recently purchased a Mitsubishi car specials deal in Beaudesert, you might want to make sure you have the necessary first aid items so you can respond to minor injuries that you or your passengers may suffer from.
Although you cannot predict when an accident happens, it is best if you have first aid items ready. Your Mitsubishi car specials dealer might have informed you of the 24-hour emergency roadside assistance you can enjoy for the next five years, having your own car emergency kit is still an advantage. Below are top items you can have in your car emergency kit:
  • Food, Drinks and First Aid Kits – Just in case you need to wait until service technicians Beaudesert has to offer, water can keep you from being dehydrated. It is also wise to stock up on high-calorie bars, candy since the sugar in them is a good source of energy. Having a first aid kit will also help. Bandages and basic medicines will go a long way. Don’t forget insect repellants as well as N-95 masks, scissors, thermometer, antibiotic ointment, tweezers and finger splints.
  • Communication Devices – Have a standby phone in your car that is only designated for emergency use. If you or your passenger need emergency medical help while you are stranded, someone can easily find you when you can tell them where you are. Also, have red flares ready to give a signal to those searching for you. You can also use bright fabric or plastic for signalling. You can ask any Mitsubishi car specials dealer if there are after market radio communication devices you can use for your car.
  • Tools to Get You Going – Sometimes, a road emergency is not really that fatal. You could be having a flat tyre or a dead battery while on the road. You can remedy this problem by making sure you have the necessary tools so you can fix your tyre problem. Jumper cables can also be handy if you have a dead battery. If you have a used car, you can ask any used car dealers if your car comes with jumper cables. Be sure to stock up on car fluids, like oil, wiper fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid. When your vehicle needs towing, have tow straps ready so someone can easily pull you to safety.
  • Comfort – If you have bought a car from a used car dealership, it is possible that you may not have enough insulation to protect you from the elements. If you are stranded in the snow, having a thick blanket and warm clothes may help keep you warm. If you travel with little ones, always have diapers, wipes and change of clothes ready as well as hand sanitizers and wipes for cleaning up.
The above are just a few essential items you can have in your car emergency kit. To make sure that your car will not breakdown while you are on the road, have a mechanic check everything a few days prior to your trip. You can find additional tips online, like for instance.