Four Good Reasons to Choose a Honda Bike

Honda is a household name in automobile, motorcycle and power equipment industry all around the world. When we hear its brand, we always associate it with high quality and fast machines. This is what the reputation of Honda Bike live up to – to enrich the lifestyle of its consumers. Today, the brand is the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. What really makes this brand special? Here’s more about Honda technology that makes it the number one name in motorcycle industry today.
The engineering expertise and powerful imagination of Honda makes its motorcycle one of the most trusted brands all around the world. Some of its cutting-edge technologies include:
ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
Most Honda motorcycles are equipped with ABS or anti-lock braking system, which is the company’s standard for safety. Top-of-the-line bikes to entry models are all equipped with this safety feature together with its braking system. This feature allows optimal balance for the bike’s front and rear brake forces, and better overall control that gives the rider the confidence to drive through wet or dirty road surfaces.
Honda also leads the way in Electronically Controlled Combined ABS, which is the very first electronically controlled braking system for sports bikes. This braking system is well-engineered and specially designed to electronically distribute front and rear brake force evenly, maximizing the power of braking in light-weight vehicles.
The World’s First Motorcycle Airbag
Honda bike is known for its great engineering and innovative concepts. The company spends years for research and development of its products. One good example of this is the industry’s very first airbag. This is the kind of commitment the company puts to protect their riders that separate Honda from the pack.
Equipped with Gold Wing, the Honda motorcycle airbag system significantly lessens the severity of motorcycle injury, protecting riders from frontal collision by providing excellent cushion to minimize impact. Bikes are equipped with four sensors, all mounted at the front fork to detect the bike’s change in acceleration, which happens in frontal impact. A data is then sent to the ECU computer, which is then processed and acts accordingly. If the ECU reads data as serious collision in progress, it will instantly deploy the airbag from the panel in the bike’s dash area. The V-shaped bag comes with a tether, which secures the rider.
Honda Bike’s Rider-Focused Design
Honda riders love their bikes for different reasons, and they all boil down to “better riding experience.”
Each Honda bike is designed with technological precision, which covers all the needs of bike riders. Honda engineers always seek to improve the technology of their machines. Rather than making their bikes look good in photos, or look impressive in spec sheets, Honda focuses on how to improve the rider’s experience and riding dynamics, as they emphasize on the connection between the rider and the bike. With this, Honda engineers are able to make powerful machines with smooth, seamless, and linear motorcycle with riders having full control of the bike.
Easy and Hassle-Free Maintenance
Aside from great riding dynamics, Honda bikes are also designed to simplify maintenance requirements and the need for service items. This means, owners will have more time riding their motorcycle on the road, than in the service shop.
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